How to subscribe to data oracle?

About the subscription

There are 2 subscription plans for you to choose

Once you have bought the subscription you will get the Subscription NFT that can assign which smart contract address can access the data feeders.

The subscription NFT contains

  • Plan

  • Expired date

  • Renewal quota count

  • Access control


The plan you have bought will be recorded to the NFT and can not be changed. For example, if you buy the monthly subscription, you will get an NFT with ID x and the NFT can only be renewed in the monthly plan.

To subscribe

After you connect your wallet to the site, a Dashboard menu will appear on the top bar, click on it.

Select Add new subscription tab on the left, you will find the page below.

Click on the Terms & Policy button to accept our terms and policy before subscribing to any plan.

The Approve KKUB / Purchase now button will appear then you can purchase the subscription.

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